May. 13.

The 10 Hottest & Most Eligible Bachelors in Silicon Valley


10. Matthew Charles Mullenweg – WordPress

Photo from: Business Week

At the age of 19, this native Texan founded WordPress, the free and open source web software that powers 15% of the web. Despite having dropped out of the University of Houston and never receiving a degree, Mullenweg is estimated to have a net worth of $40 million. Not only is he renowned as an innovator of open source technology, Mullenweg actively supports several charities and is an expert at the jazz saxophone.



9. Blake Ross – Firefox

Photo from: Wikipedia

After taking a leave of absence from Stanford University, this 26-year-old software developer started the Firefox Project while working at the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to preserving an open-source Web. Firefox has enjoyed massive success in the browser market, as well as pioneered open-source technology for a huge number of users. Ross’ net worth is estimated at $150 million, and he currently works as the Director of Product at Facebook.



8. Arash Ferdowsi – Dropbox

Photo from: Forbes


This 26-year-old Iranian-American dropped out of MIT in his last year to focus on his business, Dropbox. Dropbox, a cloud storage startup, has been hugely successful, with more than 300 million files saved and shared every 24 hours. His net worth is reported to be at $400 million and steadily growing. He is also rumored to be an expert at Dance Dance Revolution.







7. Pete Cashmore – Mashable

Photo from: Telegraph

Complete with a sexy Scottish accent, Pete Cashmore is widely known as the CEO of the hugely popular tech blog, Mashable. His site focuses on web culture and development, and has such a wide following that Cashmore alone has over 2.8 million Twitter followers. With a rumored net worth of $80 million, Cashmore is already sitting pretty, but there is substantial buzz that CNN is looking to purchase Mashable for $200 million, giving Cashmore even more cash.


6. Aaron Levie –

Image from: Huffington Post

Though Aaron Levie’s company,, was conceived and created in his dorm room at the University of Southern California, like many of other bachelors, Levie did not graduate from college. Instead he went on to formally launch his cloud collaboration software to wide success and acclaim. Noted around the Valley for his colorful personality and uncensored opinions, this 28-year-old is certainly making waves in the cloud computing industry. His net worth is reported to be around $100 million.



5. Rob Kalin – Etsy

Image from: Business Insider

One of the quirkiest bachelors to make it onto our list is Rob Kalin, co-founder of the popular online marketplace, Etsy. Despite dropping out of high school, Kalin graduated from NYU and lived in Brooklyn as an aspiring furniture designer. After a fruitless search for a location to sell his wares online, the 25-year-old Kalin decided to create his own marketplace. Though technically based in New York, Kalin spends much of his time in the Valley and is reported to have a net worth of at least $50 million.



4. Adam D’Angelo – Quora

Image from: Business Insider


This 26-year-old graduate of the California Institute of Technology was at Facebook from its very beginning, right along with Mark Zuckerberg. After serving as the Chief Technology Officer, as well as the Vice President of Engineering, at Facebook, D’Angelo left the social network company to found Quora, an online knowledge market. Regularly cited as one of the “smartest figures in technology,” D’Angelo has an estimated net worth of $680 million.



3. Andrew Mason – Groupon

Image from: New York Times

Despite becoming a veritable prince in the Silicon Valley, Andrew Mason studied at Northwestern University and graduated with a degree in music, not computer science. He went on to found Groupon, the now-ubiquitous website that markets and sells deals to local businesses, often at incredibly low prices. Since the launch of Groupon, several other deal-focused sites have sprung up, illustrating the brilliance of Mason’s idea. His net worth is rumored to be around $1.3 billion.



2. Kevin Systrom – Instagram

Image from: USA Today


As the founder of one of the most popular iPhone apps of all time, Kevin Systrom was poised to become tech royalty. Graduating from Stanford University with a degree in Management Science & Engineering in 2010, this 26-year-old leveraged his passion for photography and co-created Instagram, a free photo-sharing program. Mark Zuckerberg saw so much potential for the product that Facebook brokered a deal and purchased Instagram for the staggering amount of $1 billion. Systrom has an estimated net worth of $400 million.



1. Jack Dorsey – Twitter/Square

Image from: Business Week

A widely known and commonly heard name in Silicon Valley, Jack Dorsey may be the hottest and most eligible bachelor of them all. Though he also founded Square, a popular mobile payments company, Dorsey is recognized as the creator of Twitter, the insanely popular microblogging site. With an estimated net worth of $650 million and growing, Dorsey shows no sign of slowing down; it is rumored that he has even more innovative ideas and products up his sleeve.




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